About Obsession Bulldogs

Obsession Bulldogs: Our passion ensures the highest quality puppies, destined to bring boundless joy to your family.


Brian and Carol Thompson have dedicated several years to the art of dog breeding. Dr. Carol, a small animal veterinarian who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994, brings extensive knowledge to this endeavor. With a deep passion for training and behavior, Carol and Brian are committed to producing dogs that are happy and in the best of health.

Their selection process for breeding is meticulous, with a special emphasis on their female dogs. The choice of males for breeding is equally thoughtful, sourced exclusively from reputable breeders who share Brian and Carol’s commitment to producing top-quality, healthy dogs.

Given that their dogs are overseen, managed, nurtured, and adored by a seasoned veterinarian, you, as a potential customer, can be confident that they will go to great lengths to ensure the well-being of your future puppy and maintain the highest standards for their reputation. Your satisfaction and the excellence of their puppies are always their top priorities!

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