Our Female Bulldogs

Meet our lovely female bulldogs – Discover the heart and soul of our bulldog family.

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(AKA Bugsy)

Bugsy was our introduction to the crazy, frenetic, happy world of the French Bulldog.

She is a fun-loving dog who looks like a rabbit when she runs; she reminds us so much of a  rabbit that we decided to call her Bugsy as a tribute to Bugs Bunny!

She is a blue fawn.

Her favorite activities are grabbing Carol’s feet and shoes, running through the yard with them, and rolling in the grass in the yard.

She is a great, attentive mother, and she produces beautiful babies.

(AKA Giulia)

Giulia, who is named after Brian’s Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, came to Obsession Bulldogs from Oklahoma.

She was bred by Love My Pups.

Her coloring is Platinum, and she carries the fluffy gene. She will be bred with a full fluffy male when the time is right.

She loves to do freestyle with Carol and is currently learning fitness work.

Giulia must be a Tom-Boy if such a thing exists in the doggy world. Although she looks beautiful when she is clean, she prefers to play in the dirt and tarnish her platinum look.

Giulia’s personality is the most calm and laid-back of all the Frenchies we have. We can actually watch TV with her because she will sit quietly… (unlike her sisters, who have to be standing on your chest, staring into your eyes!)

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McFlurrie is one of Bugsy’s offspring and is a merle.

She is crazy, loco, mental, all in a good way! If you’ve ever seen a 12-year-old with a laser pen, McFlurrie, or “Flurrie” as we call her, is the red dot!

She is a small, compact French Bulldog. She is also a “wall-eye”; she has one blue and one brown eye. She gives a mean “side-eye” when she is looking at you!

She tends to do everything at high speed.
She loves to do freestyle with Carol.
She loves to play in the rain and jump in puddles.


Mini is Bugsy’s half-sister. She is a blue.

Mini can usually be seen running around the yard with a ball, a habit she got from her big brother Nash, the Border Collie.

She also enjoys doing freestyle with Carol. So, Mini is a bit of a loner, give her a ball and an acre of yard, and you will see her little blue butt running behind whatever ball she is pushing around the yard at full speed!

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Mocha is our English Bulldog.
She is a bundle of energy with a high food drive.

She likes to learn tricks and thinks she should always be the center of attention.
She will readily jump into any pool to play in the water.
She is a chocolate (AKC calls her bronze).

Mocha has eyebrows that most women would die for!
When she jumps into your lap, it’s as if someone has just thrown a 50-pound bag of cement on you…SHE IS SOLID!